My Business Story


5 years ago, I was preparing to become a mother for the first time. I had begun to build a career in college admissions and marketing, but my desire to be home, raising my future children far outweighed any of my own plans for success in the workplace. 

Now, I’ve always been one to strive for success, and I actually love working (when it’s the right kind of work,) but I didn’t see how I could have both. 

Fast-forward a few months, and there I was… “living the life” as a stay-at-home mom, with a 5-month old daughter who, so far, didn’t seem to enjoy much of anything (read: she was really fussy and mad all the time.)

After many months of this difficult stage, I was urged by my mom to get out of the house for a little bit and take a creative class with her. The class was an Introduction to Brush Lettering, and it took me about .5 seconds to realize it was something really special.

I went home and practiced as much as my life would allow, took additional courses in pointed pen calligraphy, illustration, and watercolor art, and found myself smack dab in the middle of what I felt like I should have been doing my entire life.

My new-found creative hobby quickly turned into a business, and all of a sudden I had a new vision for the future that was more exciting than I ever imagined. 

I couldn’t believe I was making money doing something that brought so much life to my soul. I mean, people actually paid me (and still do,) to write their name pretty, or paint some flowers?! Talk about a dream come true… And yes, I still pinch myself.

It hasn’t always been the smoothest ride… I’ve encountered a great deal of challenges along the way, made too many mistakes to count, and have lost money on failed product ideas over the years… but overall, I’m so proud of how far I’ve come and what I’ve learned over these last 4 years as a creative entrepreneur. 

Along the way, I’ve worked on hundreds of weddings, taught thousands of students, launched my own collection of removable wallpaper designs through Loomwell, and SO MANY MORE THINGS.

I’ve learned (for the most part) how to balance life as a “mompreneur,” and even on the most stressful days, I remind myself that THIS is what I signed up for. And I am so thankful I did. 

As my business continues to grow, and I continue to encounter others who are fresh on their own creative path, I can’t help but get excited - because I know the potential.

I’ve been on the other side of the fence, looking over… just dreaming of booking my first wedding client or teaching my first workshop. (And, let’s be honest, I never even DREAMED I would have wallpaper and fabric designs in people’s homes across the world!) But now I’m privileged to look back, see the mistakes for the beautiful lessons they were, and cheer others along the way — because there’s so much more for you than you can even imagine.

Maybe you’re reading this and you’ve just made a huge mistake that cost you a lot of money, or perhaps you’ve just whet your appetite by taking your first workshop or investing in quality art supplies… wherever you may find yourself on your journey toward running your own creative business, I want you to know I am with you, and I believe in you.

From someone who’s been there, been through it, and come out alive and kicking on the other side… know that whatever dreams you have for your creative business are possible, if you’re willing to work for it. 

Be encouraged in the truth that you are not alone. You might not even know where you’re headed, but I can assure you there’s a reason you started, and there’s so much good ahead if you just keep going

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In it with you,


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